Wedding Photographer on the Eastern Shore

translation: wedding photographer from the Eastern Shore.
As a wedding photographer on the Eastern Shore, I am used to traveling
around the Eastern Shore and as it often the case also to our bigger cities like Baltimore, Annapolis, and or Wilmington.
When a prospective couple asks me if I would come to the Western Shore my mantra always is the same “of course I will, it is part of the job description.

Wedding Photographer on the Eastern Shore Loves to Travel

Honestly, sometimes I feel a little like a gypsy because during the wedding season I find myself somewhere else pretty much every weekend. Maybe my slogan should be “Wedding photographer on the Eastern Shore have camera, love to travel!”

Wedding Photographer on the Eastern Shore on the Way to Baltimore

For Samantha and Ben’s wedding, I traveled to Eagle’s Nest Country Club in Phonix Maryland, you can click on this link to visit their website here:, which is on the outskirts of Baltimore and one of the premier golf courses in the area. Not only does Eagle’s Nest feature a pretty ballroom with ample space for entertaining but as a photographer the best part is the sprawling golf course with mature trees and beautifully maintained landscape.
Of course, we have beautiful golf courses right here on the Eastern Shore but what is missing around here are the hilly curves in the landscape. I know, I know, we have beaches and dunes but sometimes it is nice to see a mountain in the distance and curvy, vivacious landscape. I am a wedding photographer based on the Eastern Shore but truthfully my heart loves the mountains too.

Samantha and Ben 

So, for this wedding, we traveled to Baltimore and had the pleasure of photographing Ben’s and Samanta’s greek-orthodox/ military wedding.
Here is a little about their story:
Samantha is currently a student at a very prestigious law school and just like any prospective lawyer would, Samantha had her research assistant aka her mom, scope out photographers for her upcoming wedding, and just like any good lawyer would she planned her wedding two years ahead.

Please Photograph My Daughter’s Wedding

“My daughter is getting married and we love your photos, please photograph her wedding,” was the email I got from Sam’s mom and my first reaction was to giggle because her mom forgot to add a date to her initial email. I wrote her back to tell her how happy I would be to photograph her wedding but I kinda need to know a date.
Conversations like this can be either awkward or break the ice. For Samantha’s mom and me, it was definitely an ice-breaker and before we knew it we were chatting back and forth via email like old friends. Not until a few months later did I realize that I neither talked to the bride or the groom about their hopes and dreams and expectations for their wedding day.

Let’s Get Together Soon

I reached out to Samantahato see if she would like to schedule a meeting but with her hectic school schedule, it wasn’t meant to be until six weeks before the wedding.
After meeting my bride and groom, I quickly realized that as the saying goes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Samantha is as delightful and kind as her mom, and we quickly fell into an easy-going conversation about life, law school, future husband, and of course the upcoming wedding.

Ceremony at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

Samantha’s family has their roots in greek orthodox religion and the wedding was held at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Samantha told me that I would have to obey strict rules set forth and that she didn’t expect many photos from the ceremony. I explained to her that we were used to shooting under difficult circumstances especially in churches and she shouldn’t be worried. As it worked out, the rules of the church were completely reasonable (I once photographed a wedding in an old catholic church with no electricity and was told by the minister that during the ceremony I had to stand in the corner, not move and that I was not allowed to use my Speedlight, now that is a difficult situation.)

Party Time Military Style

The reception was held at Eagles nest country club, and one of Sam’s requests was to take the bridal photos on the sprawling golf course, which is usually a problem because most golf courses do not allow for wedding parties to take photos on the lawn. To my absolute delight, no such restrictions applied and we had a wonderful time driving around in golf carts and taking photos wherever we wanted. All in all, this wedding day was a 100 percent success and we are grateful to have been able to take such wonderful photos of an exceptional day.

Wedding Photographer on the Eastern Shore

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