Wedding at Golden Sands, OC, MD

This wedding at Golden Sands in OC, MD, was as perfect as they come.

This wedding at Golden Sands in OC, MD, was such a joyous and happy occasion. That will no doubt be memorialized by many of the guests. Golden Sands offers ocean views and a private beach, so imagine for a moment a brilliant fall day, no clouds in the sky, temperatures in the mid-eighties with just the slightest breeze to keep cool. Yet, when you look at the beach, it is almost empty with just a few scattered colorful umbrellas and beach chairs. Almost all of the tourists are gone by now and the last remaining beach-combers are locals enjoying their long earned privacy. A late summer or early fall wedding is the perfect time for any beach wedding especially if you like beautiful sunsets and warm evening breezes, but enjoy the feeling of solitude and privacy.

A Wedding at Golden Sands’s Ballroom

is also a sure bet. Golden Sands’ ballroom offers such much luxury and space with a great open view of the ocean. No matter what the weather situation on the outside, the ballroom is a romantic yet cozy space that if need be is large enough to serve as the ceremony space as well. Every detail is taken care off well in advance for any couple to enjoy a special wedding here at Golden Sands in Ocean City, Maryland

Sandra and Dominique’s Wedding at Golden Sands, Ocean City, Maryland

Their wedding was a true occasion of love and celebration. As mother earth was shining down on them, they pledged their love to one another surrounded by family and friends. The entire day was just perfect from beginning to end and came off without a hitch.

The Beginning of The Love Story

Dominique met Sandra at the hair salon, he was sitting in her seat for a hair cut and as the story goes he was instantly in love with her. She, however, played it cool because a) he was a client and b) she was in a relationship.
“Of course, that didn’t deter me at all at least not for a while, I just kept getting hair cuts even when I didn’t need one,” he told me during a conversation. “However, after trying for months with no change in results I finally gave up and starting dating someone else.”
And just as he was coming to an end persuing Sandra her relationship with her boyfriend was coming to a close as well.
“I think I ended my relationship with my then-boyfriend because in my heart I knew that I wanted to get to know Dominique more and I just couldn’t do that while being tied to someone else. Even if it would have been nothing more than friendship in my heart I knew that I was not being honest. So, after months of struggle, I ended that relationship and when I was ready to get to know Dominique more he stopped coming to the shop.”

A New Beginning

But of course, that is not how the story ends, and when people are meant to be together they will find a way of making it happen.
After months of getting haircuts somewhere else he decided that even if the couldn’t be more than friends, he decided to get back to Sandra’s hair salon. “I decided that even if we never going to be more than casual friends I wanted to see her if nothing else than to get my hair cut.”
Miracles of miracles, they both were free and Sandra couldn’t wait to tell him that she broke up with her boyfriend and now they could pursue a relationship together.

Playing It Cool To Get The Girl

“You know, I played it cool, even though my heart was skipping a beat and I told her that I was sorry she broke up with her boyfriend, paid my bill and walked out. I was going to text her later in the evening but before I could she texted me and told me that I was a fool if I didn’t ask her out.”
So, here we are a year later watching these two pledging their love to each other, with tears of joy all around.
May you be forever as happy as you were that day!

The View of the Beach from the Golden Sands’ Ballroom

Getting ready is not hard to do when you are having fun

Sandra was the perfect bride, taking everything in stride and not missing a beat. Her happiness on her wedding day was infectious.

The moment a bride puts on her wedding dress is always magical, there is a transition from party time to “I am getting married” that is palatable.” Magical even!

When the best friend arrives it is time for a hug and warm wishes

A princess always makes sure her fellow princes is taken care off! Sandra took such loving care of her niece it was so heartwarming to watch

The groom is getting ready with the help from his best man.

Sandra wanted to do a “first look” with her dad. I am a sucker for those kind of emotions!

This girl loves the camera and the camera loves her

Writing her beloved a love letter

Almost show time

My favorite moment is about to happen!

With this ring I thee wed!

These moments of joy and happiness! I am so privileged to be part of them.

Sharing the joy with the world

Romance anyone?

The first beach walk as husband and wife

Ocean City magic time, fall sunsets around here are something to marvel at

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