Photographing Weddings

Hello, photographer not photographing weddings! That was the voice in my head this morning after I got up.
Wednesday is when I usually start thinking about photographing the next wedding. I clean my cameras and lenses. I make sure I have enough batteries for the speedlights and re-organize my bags. I also check-in with my bride and groom to make sure everything is on schedule. But lately, well more like months now, Wednesday is just another day.
Of course, I still take photographs every day and that helps my mood and sanity but today I am mad, angry, and frustrated. I love photographing weddings. I live for it and I want life to go back to normal.

Photographing Weddings is My Passion

I am a wedding photographer, that is what I love to do, that is where my heart dwells.
Of course, I still talk to clients about weddings. and I work on my wedding photography website but I am not photographing weddings. I know we are all in the same boat, and yes the entire wedding industry is hurting. Clients are hurting. I can hear it in their voice. Month and month of planning, making arrangements, and saving money are down the drain.

Resolving Emotional Blockage

This is difficult for everyone. I know you didn’t come to my website and read my blog to hear me rant about my emotional difficulties. Yet. before I can write about more positives things I have to write these feelings down. I want to remember what it feels like today at this moment and then move on and refocus my energy. So I can make space to dream about photographing weddings without feeling anxious and sad.

Paying to Attention to Other Things

I am very fortunate that the tool that affords me a living also affords me personal pleasure. The joy of photographing weddings flows over into my personal life as well.
This year more than any other year in the past I paid attention to my garden. I watched and document what was happening. I photographed the roses blossoming as well as the spinach emerging from the ground. I sat in front of flowers waiting for bees to come and pollinate. I watched the light move across the garden and thought about the precise moment to take a photograph. I went to the beach to photograph the sun rising and photographed my dog being chased by a wave.

Making Good Use of Time

Usually, from early spring to late autumn I am too busy editing wedding photos during the week. It leaves not much time to travel much and explore my surroundings and take photographs. I have hundreds of pictures of the beach and the woods. Most of them taken during the winter month, but hardly any taken during this time of year. I can feel myself growing as a photographer and as an artist. Like it or not I have this time to explore my creativity.
Yet, what I want more than anything else is to photograph weddings and dwell in the light of love and happiness.

Getting Back to Photographing Weddings

Below are some of my pictures that I have taken this spring and summer, but I can’t wait to get to photographing weddings.
If you came to this blog post in search of wedding photos follow this link to my wedding portfolio. Follow this one for my engagement portfolio and don’t forget to like my Facebook page at
Much love to you and I hope that you are all staying safe and happy.

Plumb Beach Delaware, Sunrise


The early bird gets the photograph.

Photographing Weddings


Pax on the run in the field. We got a break in the humidity, finally!

Photographing Weddings


Never get enough of this boy.


Lucy busy cleaning herself

Black and White photo of Buddha


My Buddha. I love watching the sun move across her face.

Black and White Photo of Main Coon cat


Buddha cat

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