Guide to local wedding venues on the eastern shore

Guide to Eastern-Shore Wedding Venues

Guide to Eastern-Shore Wedding Venues

The Guide to Eastern-Shore Wedding Venues is a but a small attempt to highlight some of the more of the quintessential Eastern Shore wedding venues.

Unfortunately, like so many other non-essential businesses around the country, our industry is currently in shutdown. Which is a really good thing because it will undoubtedly save lives. Sadly, however, for many of us, this happening right at the beginning of the wedding season and is casting a big shadow over the rest of the year.

Every morning, I take some time to simply sit and focus my day on being positive. I try not to think about what will happen in the next 6 months in terms of my business but rather I focus on my health and well-bing. What I want is to come out stronger and better. Ready to photograph the most beautiful weddings in the most beautiful possible way.

I am a strong believer that attitude is everything and that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. With that in mind, I am going to focus on the things I can do while waiting for us all to return back normal.

This morning, while walking my dogs, I was thinking about what to write about on my blog. Maybe instead of highlighting a wedding or engagement session, how about I feature some local vendors? Not only was it something I can do for the blog, but it is also a nice way to take a second and reach out to local-cohorts and say “hey, I feel your pain!”

Honestly, my best ideas always come while walking the furries. Somehow, walking allows me to just let my mind wander and see things from a different perspective, or start an idea, like writing this guide to Eastern Shore wedding venues.

Getting to Know Local Eastern-Shore Wedding Vendors

I know I have written on my old website/blog about my decision to work more on the Eastern Shore instead of traveling across the Bay for weddings. I’ve been fortunate to have a steady increase in local bookings in 2019 and even more so in 2020.
However, this transition also means that the relationships I’ve built over the years with vendors on the Western Shore were slowly changing and in a way I have to start over.

So after my second cup of coffee (ok., third cup, but who is counting), I started the research for this blog. What should I focus on? DJs, florists, bridal shops, event planners?

I decided to start with one of the most important parts of the wedding day, venues.
My goal, for the guide to Eastern-Shore wedding venues, is to feature venues that are newer additions to the local wedding scene, offer smaller to medium capacity, are reasonably priced, and/or tender something unique or historical.

Now that I started my exploration, I think that this Eastern Shore Weddings venue guide might become a two-part series. With the next blog focusing on our beautiful Eastern Shore beaches and locals.

The Guide to Eastern-Shore Wedding Venues, part 1

Wildflower Estate Mardela Springs, Maryland.  

 This Eastern-Shore wedding venue is the perfect fit for any couple looking to celebrate an intimate, romantic wedding. Centrally located between Cambridge and Salisbury, Wildflower Estate can host up to 72 people. In addition to offering great banquet space, a beautiful outside garden area, Wildflower Estate also offers onsite award-winning catering.

Of course, as a wedding photographer, when I first explore at a wedding venue, my foremost thoughts are about places to photograph. My aim is always to find the right places to create special and romantic photos, to reflect my couple’s personality.

The space at this venue is everything a photographer can hope for: a banquet hall featuring 30+ feet ceilings, wooden beams and 20 large windows for natural light. The outside of the barn offers a beautiful rustic back-drop during any time of the day, and Wildflower Estate’s garden and farmland are the perfect settings for even more casual and relaxed photo opportunities.

If you are looking for a sweet, romantic place to host your wedding this might be just the place for you! 

I know Josua or Kirsten would love to hear from you and they can be easily be reached at:

by phone at 410.864.0441

and don’t forget to check out the website

Wildflower Estate Farm Venue located in Mardela Springs, Maryland

Ross Mansion and Ross Station, Seaford, Delaware

I was so excited to be documenting my first wedding this April at Ross Station, unfortunately, I now have to wait until September (fingers crossed.)
Ross Mansion, a Seaford landmark, was built by Governor Ross in 1859 and is beautifully maintained by the Seaford Historical Society.

I love to stroll around Ross Mansion, it really is one of the most charming and well-maintained historical sites around Seaford. The site has ample green space and features unique and special buildings of great significant historical value.

The grounds have the feeling of old southern charm, and a type of grandeur long forgotten. In the spring, magnolia and cherry trees are in bloom, and the autumn, and Poplar trees lining the drive-way burst out in hues of orange and yellows.

The Plantation offers different locations for a wedding and ceremony on their grounds. The sprawling lawn in front of the main house is perfect for a large tent. Ross Station, a newer addition to the grounds has a large ballroom for an indoor wedding which can seat up to 225 people.
The scenic outdoors and Italian style mansion conspire to be the perfect backdrop for the most beautiful and romantic photos, with endless photos opportunities on the grounds abound.

If you like to feel like a Southern Princess even if only for a day, visit the Seaford Historical Society and fill out the quick form

The Barn at Vanderwende Acres, Seaford, Delaware

I have been driving by this farm for years, and I often thought about how much fun it would be to have a photoshoot on the farm. I and have wondered if the farm could be turned into a wedding venue. Somehow, the barn and surrounding land screamed “celebration.” So, I am sure you can imagine my excitement when I saw a new sign by the driveway telling me that this was now indeed a wedding venue. Wait, who is reading my mind?

The historic dairy facility was a real working farm in the 1930s. I love the idea that an old farm that once occupied milk cows was given a second chance and now is the host to love, laugher, hopes, and dreams.
Couples and their guests are given exclusive use on the day of the wedding to celebrate the day and dance the night away on the patio overlooking picturesque Delaware farmland.
To make wedding planning even easier on you beautiful people, Vanderwende offers an event planner to make sure your day is going off without a hitch. I think that is a pretty sweet deal!

Take a look at this beautiful dairy barn 

and if this venue is something that might be just the perfect fit don’t hesitate and reach out to: Sarah Silicato 

Salted Vines Vineyard, Frankford, Delaware

I love photographing weddings in vineyards, everyone seems to be lighthearted and high-spirited. Could it be that there is something in the air in vineyards that increases happiness? I raise my glass to that!
Salted Vines Vineyard offers a spacious outdoor setting big enough for a large tent. The tasting room resides inside a modern yet elegant pole barn.
If you are a wine aficionado or simply love a rural yet elegant setting for your wedding, Salted Vines Vineyard has just what you are looking for.
This is their website, I know they can’t wait to hear from you!

Popular Hill Mansion, Salisbury, Maryland

I love weddings at historic places, and Salisbury has a gem right in the middle of town.

Popular Hill Mansion, maintained by the Friends of Popular Hill Mansion, Inc., is perfect for Eastern Shore weddings.

Popular Hill Mansion a federal-style structure, was the manor house to a farm, and in his hay-day overlooked most of Salisbury commons.
The house listed on the National Registry of Historic Places is perfectly suited for weddings or small affairs. The interior is furnished in period style and the formal gardens can host a tent for larger gatherings.

Rental includes the entire first floor of the house, kitchen facilities, back yard, and gardens. Occupancy for the interior space is 97 guests, but an indoor/outdoor event can include many more people.

The website for Popular Hill Mansion is:

and you can reach them by phone at: 410-749-1776 or email:

Thank you so much for taking the time and reading my small Guide to Local Wedding Venues on the Eastern Shore.

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