Engagement Shoot in Salisbury

This engagement shoot in Salisbury, was my first time working since the pandemic began. I can’t even describe how excited I was for weeks leading up to the date. I just kept hoping and wishing that the weather would hold. Unfortunately, this spring was a rather cold and gloomy for most of April and right up to Mid-May. So, to my disappointment and the disappointment of my clients Catherine and Stan, we had to re-schedule the engagement shoot in Salisbury, MD once and then decided at the last minute to move it from Saturday to Sunda;y just to make sure that there was no possibility of rain.

Engagement Shoot in Salisbury, Dogs are invited

Catherine and Stan have 3 dogs whom they adore and are the center of their lives. During our first meeting, we soon learn that we had that in common. Catherine and Stan had just adopted the cutest little beagle mix girl whom they name Missy to join their other two rescues. It might just be that Catherine has more pictures of her dogs on her phone than I do, but I think I might have her beat on Flickr. Anyway, we must have talked about dogs more than the wedding that day of our meeting, but we did eventually got around talking those details too. When Catherine asked me if I would mind if the dogs joined them on the engagement shoot in Salisbury of course I said “YES.”

Location, Location, Location

Leading up to the engagement shoot, Catherine and I stayed frequently in touch just to keep checking in and to exchange cookie and bread recipes, and of course to talk about wedding planning and progress. I also asked her to think about a place they would want to use for the engagement shoot in Salisbury At first, she and Stan didn’t know where they would like to have it since they wanted to bring the dogs and that makes it always a little difficult. However, after some serious thought, they realized that the answer was staring them right in the face. Stan’s parents, and as it turns out, yet another set of some dog-loving folks, had the perfect fenced in the back yard and some nice landscaping around the front of the house for photos. Perfect

More Dogs and the Parents Too

The day of the engagement shoot turned out to the perfect day for photography. That morning I received an email from Catherine with an “I have a big favor to ask” in the subject line.
“Would you mind if Stan’s parents are in a few of the photos?” “Since we are already at the house and using the yard and all.”
“Of course not! It will be my pleasure to take photos of all of you!”
At it turns out, Stan’s parents had just adopted a beagle boy to join their family and become the younger brother to their very senior dog. If you could only have seen us, in the beginning, trying to make some sense of the mayhem. 5 dogs running around, and people trying to get some order in the chaos. It was beautiful and fun.

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