Engagement Session at Trap Pond

This engagement session at Trap Pond was just so perfect, it makes me smile just thinking about it. Having photographed several engagement sessions at Trap Pond, I can honestly say the park never disappoints any time of the year. In the spring, the park sparkles with all different flowering trees, in the summer the cypress trees in the water added just the perfect backdrop to any photo, in the autumn the park is again ablaze in hues of oranges and red. At last but not least the winter brings moodiness to photographs that make you feel calm and peaceful. An engagement session at Trap Pond State Park is a success at any time of the year. For more information on the park please visit: https://destateparks.com/PondsRivers/TrapPond

Too Much Heat?

There is a saying on the Eastern Shore that goes as follows: “If you don’t like the weather today, just wait a day and it will be different.” No truer words have been spoken. The week before this session at Trap Pond State Park it was so cold that I was worried for my clients to stay warm enough. Just a few days later, I was worried for my clients again but this time I was worried that they would get too hot and sweaty. The humidity was just a little more than what we hoped for but at least we had a cloud cover to keep us a little cooler than we would have been on a super sunny day.

Time for a Trip for an Engagement Session at Trap Pond

Talking to Kira initially about where to go for the engagement session, she told me that she really liked an engagement session she saw on my website that was taken at Trap Pond.
“That is where I want to take our photos!” she told me and when I told her that it would be a three-hour drive for her she told me: “I don’t mind taking the drive to get there.” I love those photos and want to have my engagement session at Trap Pond State Park.”

Love and Laughter Makes the Right Recipe

Kira and Joseph are such a nice couple. It is amazing how you can tell right away how much some couples are in love with each other. There is a bond that is almost palpable and such was the case with those two. I love how comfortable they are with each other and how Kira giggles when Joseph is being silly. I love the way she flirts with him and the way he looks at her. They have a commitment to each other that is real and forever. When a couple is connected like this it makes taking photographs a real joy. The fewer directions I have to give to show intimacy the better the photographs become.

Taking a Walk to the Favorite Bridge

One of Kira’s favorite photographs from the previous photoshoot was taken on a bridge and she really wanted to have photos taken on the bridge. So we decided that for the engagement session at Trap Pond we would slowly meander around and eventually make our way to the bridge.

A Trooper for Love

As with most men, Joseph really didn’t look forward to having his picture taken but he stuck it out and never once complained to the bitter end. Matter of fact, he kept his sense of humor and did everything he knew to keep it all light and happy. Kira is a lucky woman to have a guy like Joseph on her side!

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