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A Great Spring Wedding Makes For Great Wedding Photos

Amber and Coty celebrated their “happily ever after” at the beautiful Overhill Mansion http://www.overhillsmansion.com/ The property know as “Overhills Mansion” was originally owned by Henry James, a Baltimore lumber tycoon. He planted the thirty -two acre estate with 50 specimen trees from around the world. The mansion, with its massive portico supported by columns, was built in 1897 for Mr. James to present as a wedding gift to his son Norman. For this Eastern Shore Weddings Photographer, the day started out full of promises and didn’t disappoint.

The day started out with the promise of a cloudless sky and ended with the most beautiful spring sunset. The kind of evening sky that paints the horizon pink and purple and all the hues in-between. As a photographer, I worship on the altar of the golden hour, and as an Eastern Shore Weddings photographer, those sunsets become even more precious.

The Women Get Ready, While the Men Play

We met Amber and her crew at the hotel room so we could take some photos of her getting her make-up and hair done and after that, we went to the mansion to take photos of the guys getting ready and having fun! Why is it that I have never seen a bridal suite with a pool table? I am asking for a friend 🙂 I guess, I can answer that question myself…there is just so much to do before a woman can walk down the aisle, and I am not even talking about hair and make-up, but in the end, it is all worth it!

The Love Letter

Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

The ceremony was held outdoors and the set up was perfect for a smaller event like this. The staff of Overhill provide warm shelter for the guests to wait for things to get started and after the ceremony provide toasty libations for the guest, while they mingled.
Even though the temperature was a little chillier than we had hoped for, Amber was determined to walk down the aisle like it was the warmest summer day! Her smile alone was enough to warm up everyone around her.
“My adrenaline was in high gear, I didn’t feel a thing,” she told me later in the evening.

When The Spring Winds Blow

The ceremony was short and sweet and my most favorite moment was when Coty saw Amber walking down the aisle and he waived her towards him as to say “hurry, hurry, I can’t wait to marry you!”

So, there those two were standing next to each other amongst their family and friends pledging their lives to each other and everything was perfect, and just as they were kissing for the first time as husband and wife a gust of wind came and blew Amber’s veil off. Honestly, I couldn’t have scripted it like that; talk about perfect moments to capture during a wedding. The sun is setting, they are kissing, Cody is dipping his new wife just perfectly and whoosh, there goes the veil. What more could I possibly hope for?

After the ceremony, we had a little bit of time for family photos and some photos with Amber and Coty alone. We also got lucky that their one-year-old daughter Elizabeth was not too cold or too tired to join us for a few photos with mom and dad.

Party Time

Now it is time for the party! Overhill Mansion has a beautiful and very intimate party/dining room that is perfect for an intimate wedding like Amber and Coty’s.
Perfect food, perfect music, and beautiful people, and lots of love, that is what I call a perfect wedding.

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