Eastern Shore Wedding Officiant

Eastern Shore Wedding Officiant

Eastern Shore Wedding Officiant” is the third installment of my guide to Eastern Shore Weddings: if you missed the previous two you can click here: and here:
As a wedding photographer, of course, I want to say the most important choice you make is choosing your wedding photographer. However, in all honesty, one of the most important choices you can make is choosing the perfect Eastern Shore Wedding Officiant for your wedding day. Having the right person marrying you is as has important as having the right person photographing you. You know I had to say that!

Eastern Shore Wedding Officiant

Eastern Shore Wedding Officiant, Make the Big Decisions First

Believe it or not, I have talked to couples who were only one month out from their wedding and still didn’t have a wedding officiant.
Of course, for some couples, that question presents no difficulty at all.
The family minister or priest will oversee the ceremony in their house of worship.
If that is the case, congratulations you can cross that item of your list.For all you other engaged couples, finding the perfect Eastern Shore Wedding Officiant might take a little longer but with some know-how, I am sure you will find the perfect fit.

Eastern Shore Wedding Officiant

First Steps to Finding an Eastern Shore Wedding Officiant

There are many ways to go about finding a wedding officiant.

The first thing to do is make a list of what you are looking for in an Eastern Shore Wedding officiant. Get a clear idea of what is important and write it down.

For example, you don’t want to get married in a church but still would like to have a religious ceremony. Are you looking for a quick beach ceremony or do you want someone that is more theatrical?
Ponder these questions and ask yourself over and over again what it is you are looking for in an officiant. Play your ceremony out in your head. Picture what it will feel like walking down the aisle and how you see your ceremony unfold.

Now that you know what you are looking for, take a cruise on the internet and find out who is available and who will fit your list.

Once you have narrowed your list to 3 of 4, it is time to make contact and get to know them on an individual basis.

Eastern Shore Wedding Officiant

What Kind of Credentials Does Your Eastern Shore Wedding Officiant Have?

Unless you know your chosen officiant well, be sure to check the credentials of those you may consider.

Read some references for couples who this person officiated. Also, make sure they are indeed licensed in your state. In some states, you need a local community as well as state licenses.
The last thing you want to happen is finding out that your wedded bliss was not sanctioned by the law.

A Good Officiant is a Good Orator

A good officiant speaks clearly and knows how to create dramatic tension if that is what you desire for your nuptials. A good wedding celebrant can take everyone on a journey with the words and voice. In a sense, your officiant is the de facto host or emcee.
He or she should be able to find the perfect ceremony outline after listening to your needs and wants.

Eastern Shore Wedding Officiant

Getting to Know your Eastern Shore Wedding Officiant

When thinking about how to find a wedding officiant, remember that this person is not only going to play an important role in your wedding but the rest of your life, too.

You will always remember the person who stood in front of you as you said your “I Do’s.”

Furthermore, your officiant should be more than happy to answer all your questions and concerns. He or she should want to get to know you guys as well. So when the special day finally arrives, the ceremony can be conducted with confidence all around.

Eastern Shore Wedding Officiant

What Are the Terms of Agreement And What Is Required of You?

Most officiants require couples to fulfill a certain set of requirements and some times planning obligations.

Of course, there is the legal obligation of the contract and payment, but some officiants require premarital counseling as well. Some will want to visit with you one-on-one, while some offer on-line training.

One of the early decisions for a couple might be to determine if the requirements will suit the lifestyle and willingness to co-operate.

Meet a Few of our Local Eastern Shore Wedding Officiants

First up: Kate Baker

According to her website https://kate-baker-wedding-officiant.business.site/

Kate’s motto is:  It’s your wedding, have it your way!Let me help you design your ceremony so you and your family will have lasting memories of that important day .Also available for elopements.

If you want to reach Kate by phone her number is: 302.249.1514 I am sure she would love to hear from you!

Next up are the Man in Black Officiants, located in Lewes Delaware.

There website is: https://www.meninblackofficiants.com/

and according to their website they are more than happy to let you have your day the way you want it to be:

“Most of the weddings we perform are nondenominational. Traditional Ceremonies are available as well, regardless of background, faith or lifestyle. All denominational faiths are welcomed and can be performed. We travel to the Ceremony site. Write your own Vows, we are very flexible! It’s your “BIG DAY”!

We assist all couples with their wedding ceremony — whether they are Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, any other faith, or no particular faith. As Officiants, we create a beautiful custom designed TRADITIONAL CEREMONY for you including any traditions and rituals you want in your wedding ceremony. We write and craft the language of the ceremony script to which you can add your own vows. Together, we create a marriage ceremony script that reflects the love you have with each other. Traditional Ceremony options available are music, readings, Communion, Mass, Unity Candle, Sand Ceremony, Letter & Wine Blending Ceremony, etc.

Want to call them instead of sending an email? Their phone number is: 302.945.6903

Delaware Officiant, Rev. James

https://reverendjames.net/delaware-wedding-officiant-rev-james is the link to Re. James webiste

According to his website, Rev. James preforms weddings as an Eastern Shore Wedding Officiant from May to October. If you are planning a summer wedding on t;he beach he might be the guy to talk to.

Here is his phone number: 614-893-8778

Ocean City Wedding Minister


Their Slogan is “With the Ocean as my witness, I now prounounce you husband and wife.”

it doesn’t get beachier than that. The founder Sean Rox, will tell you that he is the “Original Ocean City’s original beach wedding minister Sean Rox will help explain the Marriage License requirements for the State of Maryland.

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